Sami Savatli

Born in 1983 Adana, Turkey, Sami Savatli graduated from the Middle East Technical University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design with honors. In 2009 he founded his own design office SAVATLI Architecture based in the prime location of Istanbul, Macka. In 2012 he was awarded by the International EDIDA design awards for being the best young designer.

Savatli combines the modern and classic styles of the East and West through the bold colors he uses in his works made up from a variety of textures from natural products such as wood to textiles and ceramics, offering a wide range of surfaces. He is involved with the relationship between mass production and artisan workers, producing functional, sophisticated, multi-layered and timeless products as well as spaces.

His designs have been used in many well known spaces in Istanbul consisting of projects for homes, restaurants, offices, concept stores, showrooms, and custom events that stretch out from Istanbul to cities such as Ankara and Bodrum to more international locations including Kuwait, Jeddah, Bahrein, Tehran, Paris and Florence. He works with a team of twelve hardworking and youthful group of architects, interior designers, artists and designers who are all driven to create innovative and timeless designs.

Savatlı produces of art that inspired contemporary art with traditional approaches, inspired by the early ages of “Savat” silverworking and the cultural family heritage of Islamic calligraphy. A descendant of the Ramazanogullari family in Adana, Turkey, he is a member of the Ramazanoglu estate. His official family tree shows that he is related to Ucoklar (Three Arrows) tribe of the Turkish Oguz clan and has blood blond with Hz. Halid b. Velid (r.a).